Here's a story I'm writing.........

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This is my writing :)

"Hoooooney,"The mom called,"Come clean you're room it's a mess!" "Okay mom I'm coming!" a 12 year old boy answered.

"Thank you sweetie!" The boy's real name was Zac Lotsofcandy other than sweetie, pumpkin and honey. Zac's eyes were

as light as the top of the most shallow part of the ocean and his hair was a dark chocolate brown, his kind smile as sweet

as candy. Zac had been playing baseball with his friends all afternoon- Zac's family had a baseball field in their backyard-

and came running as fast as he could. As good as he looked his room was nothing like him. He had clothes thrown on the

floor, his closet had hangers with nothing on them because the rest of his clothes were on the floor of the closet and Zac

had a terrible stench, it smelled like old gym socks and a sewage pipe. Luckily Zac cared how he looked. He was dressed

in a T-shirt, basketball shorts, and some nice tennis shoes. He started picking up socks when he saw a light flashing in his

closet. What is it? He tried not to pay attention to it,but it kept flashing in Zac's eyes. What does it want? Zac wanted no part

of the flashing object. Some how it wanted him. But why? What did Zac do to it? He had no idea of what it wanted until he

came near it picking up some shoes.It wanted him. . . Zac picked it up and felt a slight shock on the palm of his hands then

something glow on the back of his hand. The tattoo of what seemed to be a gem. Or an. . . . emerald? What did an emerald

want to do with Zac? The tattoo looked exactly like what he was holding. What Zac thought was a gem was really an

emerald. As shiny as a brand new washed car and as green as white paint in light green paint- a pale green. He looked

in his closet for someone but no one was there. All of the sudden there was a flash and there they were. . . on a cliff getting

ready to be pushed off by some one then another flash and they're at the beach. The next time there was a

flash Zac and the emerald were back home again. As soon as they were Zac put the emerald down and didn't touch

it until the next day. He decided it was time and that he wanted some excitement in his life and touched it. Nothing happened.

Zac started feeling vibrations and the back of his closet and it disappeared into a spinning black tunnel. It was so dark you couldn't see