These are games I really liked!

1. I really liked Tap Tap Revenge 2 because you play a song and tap where the dots are.

2. Water slide is also a good game because you can steer your self in any direction sometimes even upside down if on a tunnel.

3. Haunted is a fun game. I like it because you make people ride on a roller coaster. Make sure you don't fly off though.
You can also race a ghost.

4. I like number line because you have to put in order percentage,decimal,and fraction numbers on a line.

5. Flipsy is a really good game. I like it because you can flip the screen to get the three colors in a row.

6. Jelly Car is one of my favorite games because you are a car made out of jelly. You can chose a track to do and once you start
going it gets really fun.

7. I really like marble because you are a marble and you start on level one and you try not to fall of the edges of the track.

8. I like paper toss because you have to know how hard the wind is blowing to toss the paper in the trash can.

9. Oregon trail is a really good game because you can go hunting, fishing, or pick wild berry's.

10. Penguin 2 is really fun. You can hit the penguins on a catapult to go and try to hit all the polar bears.

11. I like Jelly Car 2 because on one of the games on there you are lifted up by a balloon.

12. I love My Pixel art! I like it because you can make anything you want with I guess you call them pixels.